About Functions

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Functions PR is one of the most experienced and professional communications firms in Kuwait with a clear cut vision and mission to deliver outstanding services to its clients with a special focus on - Public Relations; Events, Conferences & Exhibitions Organization, as well as management; Advertising; Media services and CSR consultations. Being partnered with many of the most-experienced event management firms in Kuwait, we are uniquely positioned to bring our wealth of the industry expertise to the table in our dealing with the clients.


Our unique methodology, which combines the incisiveness and creativity of the best PR and journalistic practices with the proactive and result-driven approach to corporate communications, is based on the belief that our reputation, business achievements and successes are synonymous with the success and satisfaction of our clients. At Functions, we are 100% committed to getting results. Our staff works proactively with key decision makers throughout the year to keep tactics aligned with client's goals.

The professional realization is guaranteed by the extensive experience of WAY management as well our seasoned and multi-disciplinary team of professionals, who comes from diverse backgrounds and embodies a unique combination of creativity, communication expertise and strategic business thinking.