Functions Services

Media Relations

The Functions PR Company is staffed by former news and business journalists who know what makes a story and how to present it to the media. Having spent years in newsrooms, we also understand the pressures journalists face and strive to meet their demands as effectively as.

Event Management

Functions Public Relations & Communications, is a full service Events Management company in Kuwait; offers premium management solutions from concept to completion. Our quality services include all kind of party planning services, corporate events planning, creative event planning, product launch events, concerts, wedding party, private functions and much more. Events are always very important and they leave a life time impression on the customers and people attending the event.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Functions PR is the leading global source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news. As we continue to expand our core distribution network, we are moving beyond the traditional newswire to include innovative techniques to get your CSR news to a passionate, professional audience.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs is the place where business, media and politics meet, so creating an effective strategy requires in-depth knowledge of each. The Functions PR Company has been managing contentious planning issues and other political hot ..